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Environmental Policy

We work to the highest environmental standards when buying, transporting, or recycling plastic scrap. We ensure that all exports of waste plastics comply with current UK, European, and local destination environmental regulations.

Lovewaste Limited is a specialist in plastics recycling and we inspect and approve all plastic scrap to ensure that shipments comply with UK TFS (Trans Frontier Shipment) Regulations, and the any European Regulations (such as EC1013)

We are able to accommodate local import certification, such as CCIC certificates for import into China, or Baltic Control inspection for imports into Indonesia. If you have any other pre-inspection or certification requirements then feel free to contact us to discuss them.

The majority of the waste plastics we export are sent to recycling plants where we have a long term and close relationships. These plants are fully licenced, and in many cases the licences, permits, and environmental standards of the processing plant will have been scrutinised by the UK Environment Agency as part of our licence approval process.

The plastic waste materials we export are used to manufacture items ranging from pipes to picture frames. Some of the plastics we export will come back to the UK in the form of new plastic packaging or recycled plastic items. Full audit trails can be provided if required, along with certificates of destruction for commercially sensitive items.

Approved Waste Carrier & Broker


Accredited Packaging Waste Exporter

EX142013170 - Plastics

We are accredited to issue PERN's for all eligible packaging waste exported.  and can supply PRN's for companies which have a Producer Responsibility obligation.

Approved WEEE Exporter


Lovewaste is accredited to issue Evidence Notes for all eligible WEEE materials exported. We can provide AATF's with the necessary evidence for them to comply with their obligations under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

Approved Exporters for Northern Ireland

ROC UT4898

Approved Exporters for the Republic of Ireland