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Fully Licensed Waste Plastic Buyers and Sellers

Lovewaste Limited is a family run plastics recycler, buyer and seller of Post Industrial and Commercial waste plastics.

We started in 2012 as an international plastics trader, buying waste plastics from the UK and selling them to appropriate factories globally to be recycled or reprocessed. However, in 2019 we established a recycling site at Willenhall in the West Midlands and began our transition to a UK based Plastics Recycler. We have a state of the art plastic pelletising line capable of processing up to 1 metric tonne per hour of plastic waste into high grade plastic pellets for re-use. In addition we have a Runi SK270 EPS processing machine for recycing of white expanded polystyrene packaging from white goods, a number of plastics shredding and granulating lines, and a large semi- automatic baling press. All of our operations are Environment Agency approved and licenced, and regularly inspected by the Environment Agency for compliance. We supply the vast majority of our recycled plastics to the UK market. Some materials which cannot be recycled by us are sold to other UK and European processors, but you can be assured that in this case all of our large network of "R3" processors are approved by the UK Environment Agency.

We are buyers of Post Inductrial and Commercial scrap and waste plastics, including all of the common packaging and engineering plastics.

We are approved by the UK Environment Agency as UK Plastics Reprocessors as well as Waste Plastics Exporters. Lovewaste is accredited to issue both PRN’s and PERN's.

Lovewaste has a reputation for straight talking, always giving an honest appraisal and valuation of your plastic waste. Our professional approach means that we can provide all paperwork and audit trails required for your own compliance. In an industry where reliability and trust can be hard to find, our no nonsense honest approach is appreciated by both our suppliers and customers.

If you are selling waste plastics then please talk to us. As leading scrap plastic buyers, we deal in all types and grades. We are waste plastics and plastics recycling experts with a strong knowledge base and experience in all grades including post industrial, post commercial and post consumer. Feel free to contact us for free advice

If you are buying then we are the right choice for reliability and quality.

Quality control of the recycled or waste plastics supplied is a fundamental part of our service to you, and you can rely on us to provide consistent materials to match your requirements.

Our aim is to build long term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We strive at all times to meet or exceed your expectations, to build on our reputation for a professional approach and excellent service.