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Licensed Waste Plastic Buyers and Sellers

Lovewaste Limited are family run scrap plastic buyers, sellers and recyclers of waste plastic.

We are primarily an international trader, buying waste plastics from the UK and selling them to an appropriate factory to be recycled or reprocessed. We supply some materials to UK and European processors, but the majority of the materials we purchase are sold to processors in the Far East. These factories will be producing new plastic items, which in many cases will be destined to return to the UK, Europe, or USA.

We are buyers of scrap and waste plastics for which we have an end market, including all of the common packaging and engineering plastics. We trade all qualities of waste plastics, from high to low grade, from post industrial to post consumer.

We are approved by the UK Environment Agency as packaging waste exporters and WEEE exporters. Lovewaste is accredited to issue PRN’s.

Lovewaste has a reputation for being very honest and professional. We have a very high percentage of repeat business, both buying and selling. In an industry where reliability and trust can be hard to find, our no nonsense honest approach is appreciated by both our suppliers and customers.

If you are selling waste plastics then please talk to us. As leading scrap plastic buyers, we deal in all types and grades. Our main market sectors are HDPE Recycling, LDPE Recycling, WEEE Plastics, and plastic packaging recycling. We have a strong knowledge base and experience in all grades including post industrial, post commercial and post consumer.

If you are buying then we are the right choice for reliability and quality. We have experience of shipping thousands of containers of plastic scrap to end markets all around the World.

Unlike the majority of other plastic scrap buyers and sellers, we do not buy any plastics that we have not seen ourselves and checked the grade and quality. We personally supervise the loading of the vast majority of all the material we sell in order to ensure that our buyers are confident in what will arrive at their factory.

Quality control of the waste plastics supplied is a fundamental part of our service to you, and you can rely on us to provide consistent materials to match your requirements. We are able to supply materials with either CCIC certification or SGS inspection as required.

Our aim is to build long term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. We strive at all times to meet or exceed your expectations, to build on our reputation for a professional approach and excellent service.

Address: 1 Warburton Hey, Rainhill, Merseyside. L35 4LE. United Kingdom.
Tel: 07970 992155 (Peter Simpson)