Polythene Film Recycling

The most widely used plastic, Polythene has an annual production of approximately 80 million metric tons, and is primarily used within packaging most notable for plastic shopping bags. Polythene Film is designed to do a specific job or protecting and containing with the lowest material use possible.

Lightweight in nature, Polythene Film is less suitable for re-use, however, the environmental benefits of polythene film recycling easily outweigh any constraints imposed on it's subsequent re-use.

Plastic Waste Recycling

Unlike paper, polythene film recycling can happen time and time again. In 2006, 455,000 tonnes or 21.9% of the UK's plastic packaging was recycled, however, 65% of recycling was carried out overseas, mainly in China and other Far Eastern countries. Since then, DEFRA has amended the Packaging waste Regulations ensuring that polythene film recycling is employed in the UK to the same standards.

Lovewaste Limited is at the forefront of providing environmentally sustainable solutions to our customer's plastic waste recycling needs. Although Polythene can be recycled, the vast majority of commercial Polythene ends up in landfills, and in the oceans. In the current day and age it is vitally important that we consider polythene film recycling and other plastic waste recycling in order to best protect the planet.

The product and use of plastics has a variety of environmental impacts. Firstly, the production of plastics requires significant quantities of resources, mainly fossil fuels, not only as a raw material by also to deliver the energy required during the manufacturing process. It has been estimated that 4% of the world’s oil production is used for the production of plastics, as well as an additional 3-4% during the manufacturing process.

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